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AdBlue Prices

What does AdBlue cost?

The price of AdBlue will vary according to quantities delivered, but it is estimated to be roughly half the gross price of diesel per litre at the pump in Europe. AdBlue reduces diesel fuel consumption of SCR equipped vehicles by up to 5%. This can more than compensate for the cost of AdBlue. Therefore you can expect lower running costs for your SCR vehicles then for your non SCR vehicles.

What impacts on the AdBlue price?

AdBlue is a high quality urea, which makes urea its main raw material. Urea is made by using large amounts of energy, mainly natural gas. The levels of oil and natural gas, as well as ammonia prices have a direct impact on urea prices. When raw material costs increase this has an impact on the AdBlue market.

Not sure of the amount of AdBlue you need to buy?

If you require advice on which pack size or storage tank is most suitable for your operation, we can help you with various options and give a full breakdown of cost. We can supply AdBlue in various package sizes including standard 10 litre canisters, 210 litre drums, 1000 litre IBCs as well as in bulk supplied by road tanker.