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About Yara

Yara is a global company active in industries ranging from food production to emission control. We're the world's largest supplier of mineral fertilizers, the world's largest supplier and trader of ammonia, and the global leader in a wide range of chemical products, including the reagent called AdBlue, DEF or ARLA 32. This reagent is around the world commercialized under the Air1 brand via distributors.

Energy, ammonia and natural minerals are the basis for mineral fertilizer. The production process simply takes nitrogen from the air to produce ammonia as the basis for all nitrogen fertilizers, but also for NOx abatement products such as AdBlue under the Air1 brand. Yara uses its knowledge of nitrogen chemicals derived from the production of fertilizers to offer complete solutions for abatement of nitrogen oxides NOx. We help our clients meet the tougher requirements of increasingly stringent environmental legislation around the world.

It is Yara's Industrial segment that develops and sells chemical products and industrial gases to non-fertilizer market segments, including AdBlue to the transport and fleet operators industry.

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