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Reliability of AdBlue Supply and Quality of AdBlue

Guaranteed AdBlue supply

Air1 secures you long term supply for AdBlue through its chosen network of preferred distributors across the world. With Air1 you have no fear of a break in supply. The combined efforts of the leading producer, Yara, and our local distributors will always have the capacity to supply your needs in AdBlue.

In Europe, our official Air1® distribution partners are chosen for their professionalism and respect of Yara’s values in terms of quality and reliable supply. In China, Air1 is distributed by reputable distributors who provide an unmatched level of customer service, and product quality. In North America, Yara partners with Mansfield Oil, the leading oil and fuel distributor to bring Air1 across the USA. In Australia, Air1 is the chosen partner of major oil companies and national fleets. A full logistics infrastructure is in place to deliver your Air1 throughout your country. This includes the delivery of 10 litre Cans, Drums, IBCs with dispensing pumps as well as bulk product delivered to your dedicated storage facilities by road tanker.

Air1 has set up a network of European terminals so as to guarantee this security of supply even to the most distant regions from its production base.

Air1's effective and efficient business management involves accurate forward planning and the reduction of risk. Air1 is committed to long-term customer supply agreements and sourcing arrangements which reduce uncertainty, increase stability and form the basis for continuous improvement activities.

Quality of AdBlue is maintained through the Air1 supply chain

You can be sure that Air1 will maintain its quality from production to your truck's tank. Yara is a prime urea producer and Air1's AdBlue comes directly from its urea production as a hot melt. Secondary producers without their own virgin Urea production need to buy Urea from primary producers like Yara, or other third party suppliers. Their supply chain involves several points which induces more risk of contamination and restriction of supply . With Air1 that risk is limited to the minimal as bulk delivery to the distribution points is done in dedicated tank trucks especially equipped for Air1. Yara ensures that its Air1 customers always have a guaranteed supply. Customers are served before any stock is forwarded to Secondary producers.

That is why Air1 is the chosen AdBlue of the majority of OEMs, using it for the first fill of the trucks they manufacturer. Air1 has also been chosen by the truck manufacturers as the AdBlue supply which is distributed to their customer's by their dealership networks.